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Having spent a few days doing intensive tourist stuff, I decided to head to the main beach area of Cambodia. Conveniently it is also the place where you can get a Vietnamese visa quickest and cheapest.

I stayed in a guesthouse west of the town, near a couple of beaches in that direction. The road I stayed on was supposed to be the main backpacker area to stay so I was looking forward to meeting some people. It turns out that the one street consists of go-go bars, guesthouses and restaurants. The first specialising in women, the second in sleeping and the last in happy pizzas. There was also a lack of people considering how many of each place there was. I met an English couple and went to the couple of bars (the ones where you don't get harrassed) and there was virtually noone around. And it wasn't that they were all somewhere else: walking past the equally empty go-go bars the women would stop their dancing on the balcony and beg you to come in: "hey mister, please come in, pleeease". Somehow, joining the couple of middle aged men at the bar ogling women for sale didn't appeal (I wouldn't want to get my wallet robbed again, eh?!). And this is supposed to be one of the party areas of Cambodia. Not that it was too much of a problem since I was there for some relaxation. The first day there I went to the beach and promptly fell asleep. An hour and a half later I woke up with a nice bright red glow. Whoops! It wasn't too bad though because the next day the weather turned British, and in British fashion I determinedly sat on the beach under a grey sky in the wind warding off the women wandering the beach offering to cut my toenails. Of all the things you could try and sell...

After I got my visa sorted I upped and left, heading back to Phnom Penh to continue my journey to Vietnam.

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