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The famous Raffels hotel in Singapore. Lucy was going to get a...


Hi-Tech shopping centres

Don't know what this building is but it looked cool

Lucy got board while she was stuck in with poorly me and...

We got to watch Charlie and the Chocolate factory on the train...

Sitting on the train... Lucy thought I looked very silly.... I have...

On the train to Hat Yai. Lucy is a magnet for small...

Thailand Rain Forest - Literally!

Lucy in the bar

In one of the many, many bars on Bangla Rd. (That's a...

Thai girls (wearing more than most) with old white men. Yuk!

We found a club! (As a pose to a strip/ go go...

Obligitory sun set photo!

The nice thing about the beach is that you don't get hasseled...

This is how Lucy sees the world through her tinted sunglasses

Pretty clouds!

Lucy and her invisible friend!

Poi on the beach under the stars.

Aren't these cocktails beautiful.

Slightly scary reminder

A very delicious bloody mary.

What nice young men!

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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Not exactly a scene from 'The Beach' but nice enough to swim...


I hope you are all happy and well. I'm gutted and frustrated that I hardly got to see any of Singapore. From what I did see it seems like a really cool place and we should have been able to cram loads in to our time there. I also feel really sorry for Lucy who, despite my suggestions otherwise, stayed in and kept me company. We are both definately planning on going back there and seeing it properly.

To give you an update on my health .... I seem to be well .... today .... right now .... touch wood! Which is the best I've been since the start of the year! We have a few theories on the improvement in my health:

Lucy's Theory

I'm alergic to India. It's a horrible place and we should never go back!

(I'm not totally sure I agree with this although I think Lucy and India are in firm agreement that she won't be going back there.)

Maleria Tablets

The more common side effects of my malaria tablets pretty much cover everything I have been suffering from. Even though I should take them for another 4 weeks I decided to stop last week as they won't have been working most days any way.

Good Enzymes

Getting a bit desperate I bought some very expensive tablets from GNC in Singapore. The lady assured me that with 8 good enzymes they should help to fix me. At a cost of two pounds a day they had best be doing something!


I just don't deserve to be this ill! At least not non stop for more than 8 weeks!!!

The bad bugs have gone

Its possible and most likely that the Sinapore Dr's were right. The best way to get better is to take no medicine at all and just suffer it out for a few days. Although I have to say when they told me that in the hospital I felt quite depressed and hopeless.

Please feel free to suggest any of your own theories!

We have now traveled from Singapore up through Malaysia and into Thailand which took a couple of days. The trains here are great, better than back home and run on time. The views from the trains/bus were of tropical forests with palm trees and banana plants with quite a bit of rain.

We are now on Patong beach in Phuket. Lucy is organising this part of the trip and while I was aware there would be a few bars I wasn't quite prepared for this! This stretch of beech is rammed full of bars and I imagine is quite like Falaraki, all lights and drunk people. The only difference is the millions of teeny tiny thai girls, wearing very little, throwing themselves at all the men. Pretty much every bar has girls on the tables pole dancing. I was going to take photos but it was all just too seedy so you will have to use your imaginations. This is the complete reverse of India with the white men perving on the foreign girls. Most of them look like they can't belive their luck that they have pulled such a beutiful little lady - idiots! On the plus side we don't get hasseled at all which is fantastic after India.

I had lots of fun dancing and drinking in Patong but it's not quite what I was looking for in Thailand. It was an amazing eye opener to see socially acceptable prostitution on such a huge scale. Any future husband of mine who wants to go there on a stag do may not live to get the chance! We're off to find some of those beautiful beaches now.

Take care,


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