Claire & Keef Under A Mango Leaf 06/07 travel blog

Sydney Opera House - Surreal.

Sydney Harbour Bridge - Aahh

Sydney Harbour

Claire @ Opera House

Keith @ Opera House

Gorgeous Darling Harbour


Shark Bait.

Bigger Shark Bait

Darling Harbour By Night

Kings X Fountain

Beautiful Bondi

Bondi Beach

The Opera House

The Opera House....Again

Sydney's Sunny City

Harbour Bridge...Again.

Claire, Keith, Fairdinkum Changy, Soldier-Boy, Psycho & 'The Niece'

New Vocation???

Queen Mary 2

QM2 - Big Girl Ain't She..


More Tourist Shots

Kings X

A Tad Wind-swept Miss Brown??? + QE2

Tourist Shot 1002 - Opera House, QE2 & City. Tken From Harbour...

Surprise, Surprise it's The Opera House Again.

Top of Harbour Bridge

Mills & Gordy (from The BBC?!?)

The Norwegians

The King Lives!!!

Claire, The King & Mills

Gordy, Mills & Claire

Not Even Close Keithy-Baby!


Put On Your Dancing Shoes

Malibu Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Sydney was hot hot hot after coming from NZ.

First thing we noticed was the aussies weren't half as friendly as the Kiwi's, but this is understandable as they have been force-fed pissed backpackers for the past 20years or so.

Got to Kings Cross... well where do we start? There are some true characters there and also some proper weirdos, which increased by 2 as soon as us pommes arrived! It is basically full of sex shops, prostitutes and funky little bars. Someone even got murdered on our last night there! At first we felt a little unsafe walking around, but after a few nights it was a pretty cool place to stay.

We did the touristy thing and went to the Harbour Bridge, Opera House and Darling Harbour. This is something that we'd always imagined and always seen pictures of, but blimey, it was surreal being there! It really is a beautiful place.

We had a few random nights out in Sydney with random people ending in drunken debauchery, being thrown out of the oldest pub in Sydney, a 'Fair Dinkum' aussie, a fat Elvis, an american soldier and 'Gordy and Mills' from the BBC. Lots of fun!

We went to Bondi and Manly and Keith even managed to Surf there whilst dodging numerous Blue bottle Stingers (portuguese Men-o-war)...although the american next to him wasn't so lucky!

Sydney is one of those places where you just don't seem to leave. We can understand how Chocky got stuck there, bless him.

But after 7 days and much deliberation we got a cheap flight up to Cairns.

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