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I'm eventually able to escape flooded Townsville at catch a bus down to Airlie no thanks to the Greyhound operator who continually tells you there are no buses only to stumble across one parked up at the station ready to head south. Luckily I expected this to be the case and had all belongings packed and ready to roll.

The journey took around 3 hours and at last the sun was shining the first time I'd felt sun on my body for a good 3 weeks, a nice feeling. On route down the Bruce highway you could see the aftermath of the floods the nearby fields and towns were in a right mess, after the worst floods in 20 yrs I guess they were gonna be.

I arrive to Airlie Beach to find a nice little village of sorts completely set up for backpacker's ideal for a nice party and chill away from the bananas and the rain. I meet up with Leon from New Zeeland and Sydney who is now traveling with a guy from Sheffield called Russ.

After catching up and taking a dip it started raining again, great, but this wasn't going to stop us hitting the town and checking out the local bars. The next day I managed to check myself onto a boat called Boomerang which would be taking us out for a 2 night 2 day trip round the Whitsunday's. As it happened 2 Essex girls who had checked into my room and were on the same boat and they seemed like a good laugh.

The next day after checking out and sneaking back into my room for a few more hours kip we were collected by a coach to transfer us down to the port. I just made the bus as I was the last person on, I stuck my head in and shouted is this for Boomerang got a quiet yes and began to walk down the aisle asking everyone's names which I immediately forgot but at least I'd made the effort. I tried to get everyone talking as we would be on a boat living on top of each other for the next 3 days so might as well get to know each sooner rather than later.

Our group consisted of 20 people which later ended up being 2 groups the boring early nighters and the party heads looking for fun. There were a few couples and Germans guess which group they were in? Well when we got to the Port it started pissing down and didn't stop for the next 2 days, great but again we didn't let this stop us having a good time. We set of at about 14 knots and started some serious sailing we all sat on one side of the boat while it tipped right over due to the wind. The rain was hammering down and I don't think I truly got dry for the next 2 days after this moment. The boat was an ex racing boat developed for tourism a few yrs back so could slide through the water with some ease.

We Managed to do some snorkeling in afternoon before we settled down for dinner and got to know each other over a few games of circle of death, the best drinking game ever invented after one round the whole group will be a lot more relaxed than when they started that's for sure. After all I did have 8 lts of Goon to get through and we only had 2 nights.

The following day was a nightmare I was last to bed and the last up for breakfast, I decided that a sea sickness tablet would be a good idea as we would be setting off again into some serious winds. After about ½ hour the boat was slamming the sea and banging up and down while I was recovering still in bed, so the inevitable happened and I spent the next hour in the toilet, horrible morning worst hangover ever.

After a certain amount of recovery period a nice walk upto a Aboriginal cave and another snorkel we settled down for another night of drinking games as we had a chiller full of beer and wine that needed to be finished.

The following day when we sailed back into Port the weather was fantastic, we later found out that most boats had been called back after the first night as the weather had been to dangerous to stay out. We did and arrived back in one piece but to be honest we had a really good time bad weather or not.

We all meet up later that night to say goodbye to all of the other members of the group and the promise of free beer was also a decider. Leon and Russ were also back from there boat trip so we all partied into the early hours of the morning. Good time had by all. Well recommend Airlie beach for a visit and a Whitsunday trip to any would be travelers a must do.

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