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See Kamploops is included!!! How weird is that!

Al - our bus driver

Getting things set up for our BBQ

Don't know if we have enough onions?

This is the lovely couple from Edmonton, Dave and Bernie - I...

Large termite mounds

Yes thery were huge!

Surfing on the biggest croc ever caught in the world! Thank God...

Sunset over Croydon

Dave is doing the LIMBO!

playing some pool!

Another early morning (6am departure!) and I took the opportunity to seranade my bus mates with my personal version of an aussie classic ( G'day G'day!) of course those of you thinking that its impossible for me to function this early will be greatly surprise as I am!! For some reason I handle mornings much better here and am actually very cheerful and hyper! I know its gotta be something in the water!

We continued on into the biggest city in the world, Mt. Isa. This is the biggest city in terms of area since the suburbs stretch for a couple of hundred miles. Amazing to drive through nothing but yet you're in the biggest city in the world. Even drove down the longest main street in the world (this would be the Barkley Highway - mmm sort of reminds me of Minnedosa since its mainstreet used to be a highway as well!). Stopped to get a nice view of the city from a lookout and wouldn't you know it a big post listing all major international cities and their distance and direction was found here. Among the major cities included - London, Auckland, Bangkok, Mexico City, LA, Rome, Vancouver and KAMLOOPS!! Since when was Kamloops a major city - with this in mind definitely wanted to add Minnedosa or Brandon. I mean it didn't even list Amsterdam - very weird!

We had a great BBQ lunch - I think the aussies would be lost without their BBQ and continued east, stopping to look at the numerous termite mounds that were all over the landscape! We spent the night in Croydon, where we played heaps of pool and just had a generally fun night with the locals!

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