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That was quite a forced smile.


You can probably guess from the title that the stomach trouble I just can't shake off turned nasty again. So for the 2nd time this holiday I could no longer keep water in me. Nurse Lucy lept into action and rushed me off to Hospital, where I ended up on a drip to replace all the lost fluid.

They were a bit worried that I might have appendicitus (or however you spell it) as everything around my stomach hurt. However after another injection and a couple of hours they could prod around with no real pain and were happy not to operate (phew!). Nurse Lucy did a brilliant job again keeping me company all day and making me laugh (although that did hurt a bit)

I don't feel too bad today although I have been on a diet of just water for the last two days so the real test will be when I eat some food. I weighed in at a shocking (for me) nine stone in the hospital which is 1.5 stone lighter than when I left England. Pretty unexpected as when I have been eating it's been creamy currys and chips!

What I have seen of Singapore so far has been really cool. They have real roads with traffic lights! And toilets with toilet roll, which flush automatically and automatic hand towel dispensers! The hospital was also very modern and efficient. As it is chineese new year they had 4 times the usual number of patients but the Dr still checked in on me every 20 min or so. At 80 ponds it was a bit more expensive than the Dr in India which cost just 12.

With a bit of luck Nurse Lucy might let me go out and see a bit more of Singapore!

Take care,


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