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So we have made it to mad old Munich. We are loving it! We got off the plane two days ago, dropped our bags at the back packers and headed straight for a beer hall, where they serve beer in litre handles. 13 Litres later and some mixed conversation with a couple of Germans we staggered out, very 'merry'. Not so merry the next day though.

Then we went into town where there was a street carnaval going on, not sure what all that was about but the street was packed with jolly Germans, all dressed up and dancing and singing, what a laugh.

Now off to Fussen, second attempt as we missed the train we were meant to take. Nicole is picking us up and showing us around the big castle they have there. Tomorrow we come back in and spend the day at a concentration camp...where I might just leave Honk if he doesnt behave!

Then on to Hong Kong, rock on ching land!

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