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I can't believe it - for the first time in over twenty-five years I don't have to prepare T4's for anyone! I never seemed to avoid getting stressed out at this time of year...maybe it was partly due to the fact that there are also fewer days in February to get all my work done.

This year we are lazing on the beaches of Kerala, soaking up the sun, playing Scrabble and catching up on all the reading we've never found time for in the past. For those of you who know what film lovers we are, don't worry about movie withdrawal - all the hotels have HBO, Star Movies and Pix so we are having our fill in the evenings. We have seen a few that we missed in the past somehow, but most are ones we have seen before but wanted to see again anyway.

As the end of the month approaches and everyone begins to think about the fact that they have to file their tax return by the end of April, I want to share with you an article that we saw in the paper about a novel way the Patna state government has implemented to deal with tax cheats. Please bear in mind that Anil spent all his formative years in Patna! Also, you should know that the eunuchs (transvestites really) traditionally arrive at weddings and when a new baby is born, to dance and make merry. It is believed that they will send curses on the families if they are not given money to "go away".


Eunuchs Shame Tax Evaders

New Delhi - Eunuchs in eastern India were drafted by authorities to sing outside the homes of tax evaders to embarrass them into paying up, a report said yesterday. Sari clad eunuchs were out in force with municipal tax collectors in Patna, capital of Bihar, India's most lawless state. "Pay the tax, pay the Patna Municipal Corporation tax," chorused the eunuchs on the doorstep of their first target, Ram Sagar Singh, who owed 100,000 rupees. A mortified Mr. Singh promised to pay within a week. The municipality netted 400,000 rupees on Wednesday using the eunuchs - who got a 4% commission. AFP


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