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the view from byron bay lighthouse

byron bay lookout

moss, fool & oli

Surfer's paradise beach

camel from australia zoo

just chilllin

pretending he has muscles awwww

hutch's new farmer buy

lookout on way down from cape tribulation to port douglas

ferry on way over to magnetic island

Doing what he does best

So sorry for the lack of updates, we have had serious camera breakage so no photos for the last 3 weeks im afraid, we are both gutted but lack of funds means no camera for a while unfortunately.

But in writing we'll let you know our trip.

We went to Byron Bay which was incredible, a highlight of the trip for certain. We met some Ozzy guys on first night and managed to worm our way into living in their house for the next 4 nights for free. Byron is beautiful especially the view from the lighthouse at the top. So one night it got to 4am and Hol left the club with the Ozzy boys to do some pool hopping in random hotels around...but where was Ed??? Well, in he comes strolling at 7am to tell us he'd looked in his wallet and had no money so thought he best get a job. So people coming out of the club waiting for a taxi and there in the taxi line was a campervan called The Captain....Ed then managed to pull off being a taxi man and returned 4 sets of people home to their places that night...who else could pull that off!

Surfer's paradise was our next stop with Olly Neasham and Tom Mossman, the beach was yet another nice one but bluebottle stingers managed to attack Hol on the bottom leaving her worse for wear for an hour.

Next was Brisbane where we met up with Ed Hoy, Luke Marchatt, Maha, Ems Morton, Jake, & Lanfill. Brilliant crowd safe to say we were a rowdy bunch securing 2 wins in the musical chair play off. Brisbane through the day is pretty poor, not much to see or do so we only stayed for 2 nights with the boys then headed on to Mallolaba with everyone. We saw Ed's family....Peter, Donna, PJ, Charlie & Harry, which was really nice staying with them for a couple days and having a catch up...thanks for putting us up!

Mallolaba was pretty chilled, Hutch and Collins came down for the night and we all had a laugh then Ed and Hol made our way up to Airlie Beach to catch our boat to go to the Whitsunday islands. There are 74 island within a tiny distance, we went on a 3 day trip on a catermaran which was incredible. The snorkelling was amazing, and we managed to see the biggest turtle around.

We took some friends, Jamie and Steve up to Magnetic Island which you can access via ferry. It was a tiny island, 9k from top to bottom but we rented a topless little sand buggy for the 4 of us and went zooming around the mini place. Was much fun apart from Ed and Hol were slow to return on the way home at the night time. We had to travel literally 6k to get home but kangeroo'd it the whole way taking at least an hour, it wasn't until the next day we realised the fuel gauge was broken and we'd been travelling on fuel fumes...explains a lot!

We took a trip up to Cape Tribulation and Port Douglas with Hutch and Collins over the last couple days which has been beautiful. Cape Tribulation rainforest is huge, we went for a boat ride down a river and saw too many croc's for our liking! We also went horseriding along the beach and in the rainforest which has been Hol's dream for as long as she can remember so it was incredible and definately made us all so determined to get involved with riding again when we get home. We saw the only place in the world where the rainforest meets the sea which was pretty spectacular. On the last day we went to a creek near Port Douglas for a quick dip, the rapids were pretty strong as Ed & Hol were soon to find out as they struggled against the current towards the boulders!

We spent last night in Port Douglas and went to a bar where they did toad-racing, such a bogan hobby!

Well that was our life for the last few weeks, and parentals we're so sorry for the lack of updates but have severly puished ourselves and are back on the ball for weekly updates from now on. We're in the process of collecting photos from friends from the last few weeks and will put them up as soon as we have them.

Hope your all well at home, we miss and love you all lots xxxxxxx

OK this is 10 photos from Hol's $25 camera so the quality isnt so top form but its best we can do at the moment, enjoy!!xx

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