Sue's Lifetime Adventure 2004 - 2005 travel blog

Wally wants to say hello!

Wally he,s a bit of a poser!

My Diving buddies (i'm 1st on the left) plus Wally again!

Wally who is a Maori Wrasse says goodbye!

Its a fishy tale!

I hope you all enjoy the photos as in Bill Brysons world I risked life & limb to get them for you! Not only learning to dive I had to tackle marine stingers otherwise known as box jelly fish. It is the height of season in Queensland for these jellyfish & these little bubbles of woe are not to be trifled with. If you get stung be god you will know about it - apparently the pain is the worst ever! If you escape these little fellows, which I saw quite a few you may not be so lucky if the microscopic jellyfish gets you! You have approx. 20 minutes to get to hospital!

Why or why did God place so many dangerous creatures in one country!!

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