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In Hang Temple


More carvings

And more

And more

And more

Making an offering

A family prayer, and jumping the gun

A little girl lighting incense

A row of golden Buddhas

Through a window

Agnes coming up the big hill

A seller running towrads a bus that just arrived

Distance: 52km

We had a short ride planned for the day, and so the morning was all about taking it slow and easy. We enjoyed a late breakfast with Gerry and Jess, along with some strong Lao coffees. There is not much happening in Savannakhet, but it is quite charming in an understated sort of way. A sunny morning always makes things look better. Later on in the morning, both Australian couples rode off on their respective beasts. Our bicycles and panniers looked puny compared to theirs, and yet they were going to make 150km and think nothing of it.

After some quick curries for lunch, we started riding towards Seno. We rode a few kilometers off the road to check out an important temple, built on site where Buddha was believed to have defecated at one point on his journey.

We took turns going inside. There were many Thai tourists arriving in vanloads to pay their respects. Inside the enclosure, which housed the main stupa people were lighting incense, praying and making donations. The entire length of the outer wall was lined with hundreds of identical, golden Buddha statues. Myles spend a little more time inside than I did. As I waited outside, 4 different groups of Thai tourists had their pictures taken with me. One of them did so covertly without asking, and another asked me to wear my helmet for the picture. I didn't bother me. I felt as though I was returning the favour for having taken photos of locals on more than one occasion.

Once we arrived in Seno, we decided to stay in the closest guesthouse to town. It was a case of judging the book by its cover. The place looked decent on the outside, but it was quite rundown on the inside. The price was right, and the cold shower felt refreshing. It wasn't too bad. Finding food was somewhat of a challenge. A lot of food stalls and restaurants serving mostly internal organs that adorned a grayish-brown colour, and were studded with an excessive number of flies. We did what we normally do under such circumstances, which is we eat what we know. Sticky rice and fried egg was the best we could hope for. We headed out in search of some treats afterwards, and made off with some bananas and chips.

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