Caresse's 2007 Adventure to Ecuador and Peru travel blog

Galapagos penguins

Giant cactus

Lava lizard

More sea lions

Me and a sea lion pup

Sea lion pup

New friends

More new friends

Black tipped reef shark


Puffer fish

Well this last bunch of photos includes some more more critters as well as myself with the sea lions. The sea lions are so much fun to interact with. Every island seems to have at least a few colonies and the pups are so curious and will come bounding out of the water towards you and will even give you a good sniff. The females and pups are harmless, but you have to watch out for the big bull males. They patrol the colony and can always be seen with their big square heads swimming along the outskirts of the beach barking orders and telling us off. They can get huge!

I've also included two photos of the rest of the passengers on our boat. They included several doctors, a couple from Victoria, quite a few Australians, etc. There's a few of them still in town tonight, so I think we'll head out for dinner with them again. Tomorrow we head off to the Otavalo area where there should be no wildlife for me to take photos of. Otavalo is in the northern highlands of Ecuador and has one of Ecuador's largest markets. We'll be visiting the market on Saturday and should find some great handicrafts to buy! We haven't had much time for shopping yet, so this should be fun.


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