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Debs is ready for take-off

The groom is ready to go...

What do you say about Fiji - Monsoonal one day, Brilliant the next. The first three days in town were far from tropical, in the picture postcard sense. In reality they were tropical in the monsoonal, unpredictable weather sense. Days rallied between brilliant sun and tropical downpours, not that they were unwelcome for us drought ridden Aussies, but a bit worrisome given Paul and Deb's wedding on Valentine's Day.

Days were spent snorkelling, playing water polo (very serious stuff...), and most importantly playing volleyball against a very professional Fiji outfit. Between that and tennis, golf and hitting the gym I was having a ball - nothing like a few activities and meeting loads of new people to ensure a great time. Only downside was the type of resort the Outrigger is, more a family and couples establishment than a young singles place, but still it was loads of fun - especially when it came to the resort bar where Paul, Ronan and I took up as resident back-up band during the main act's intervals.

Wedding day came and like a blessing, the clouds parted and the sun came out shining in true Polynesian style. Debs looked stunning in her classic white and Paul scrubbed up pretty well too for a man of his age. All went well and a great night was had by all. Nice work guys.

Next day I was feeling a little worse for wear. Many suspected a few too many Fiji Golds had been sampled, but I didn't actually have that many. It turned out to be a case of Fiji Belly as I've named it (like Bali Belly only much worse). Fancy spending 2 months in India and a few weeks in Cambodia and coming through unscathed, and yet a few days in a 5 star Fiji resort and I drop faster than the US dollar. Word on the street was that it had something to do with one of the 'cafes' next door, but 2 weeks later it's still causing me grief. Unfortunately little Emily copped a dose of something too and had to go home a day early. All in all though everyone survived, the happy couple looked happier than ever and have a bit of paper, witnesses and photographs to prove it so mission successful. Congrats guys, you both deserve many, many happy years to come. Only downside for Paul is that his very official Certificate of Singleness from Births, Deaths and Marriages in Australia is now void. Yes, they do exist and he had to get one so that Fijian authorities would allow the wedding to legally proceed. I'll have to get one to hang next to my bar next time I get home. Very cool...

From here it's on to Brazil after 45 hours back home for some final packing and preparation. Look out Rio - I'm on my way....

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