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Agua Azul







emotional lauz


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overexcited lauz climbing everything!


We are now back in Mexico after the first night bus experience!

We did the tourist thing and took a trip to the Mayan ruins at Palenque which were pretty spectacular and the biggest and best I've seen yet (and i've now seen a lot - am pretty much ruined out for Central America!)...

Lauz (being a bit of a history geek) got a bit emotional and overwhelmed on seeing the ruins - bless her it was very cute...she got very overexcited and had to climb and Ems climbed the first one which was enough (v knackering) and while we were impressed we were definitely ready to leave and find a beer after a couple of hours...laura (now known as david bailey!) had other ideas...!

The trip also included a stop at the waterfalls of Agua Azul and another one which i've forgotten the name of...they were very big and the scenery was very pretty but i'd thought we'd be able to swim in them but we weren't allowed as too dangerous so was a bit of a disappointment..

Was a great day though and good to do something other than lie on a beach...although a very long day - all the long distance travelling is now taking it's toll and we are exhausted but it's nearly all over now - San Cristobal is the next and last stop.

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