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Lubeck River to the Baltic Sea

Lubeck City Gate

Lubeck Street

Lubeck Christmas Market

Band playing christmas music in Lubeck Christmas Market


Lubeck 2

Lubeck 3

Lubeck 4

Lubeck 6

Lubeck 7

We left Hamburg around 8 and planned on arriving at 9 in Lubeck, which is a smaller city which is connected to the Baltic Sea by a river and in the past had been a big inland harbor for trading. When we arrived we met up with Corinne, Ingrid and Corinne's sister Magi, who actually lived in Lubeck. We walked to the place where miles and I would be staying and dropped off our bags. The apartment belonged to a friend of Magis, who was gone for the weekend, so it was very nice of her to offer us a place to stay, because Magi's apartment wasn't big enough to hold anymore people.

We then walked around the outskirts of the city along side the river and we got the tour of the history of the city. We then headed towards the special Christmas market which is inside a place where they use to let people who were homeless stay. They gave them a small room to live in and now the small rooms had been turned into a Christmas market. This market was also special because it did not allow factory made products to be sold, instead all of the stuff had to be made by the person selling it. It was pretty cool and after awhile we got some really good waffles and then walked around the market some more. While we were walking around they had a band playing Christmas music and I took a picture of one of the instruments, because I had never seen it before. It was some sort of trumpet but the valves were like a French Horn's valves and were on the side of the Trumpet. Anyways, it still sounded like a trumpet.

We then stopped at a place to get Marsipan, which is a special kind of cake for the area and headed back to Magi's apartment to eat the cake and have some tea. But we stopped on the way to see the city from atop of one of the 7 church towers in the area. Many of the photos of Lubeck I took from there. After that we finally made it to her apartment and we talked for a long time about everything under the sun and then we left to get some dinner. The place we ate at was very cool and had good food. Miles got some fish and I got a German Lumberjack Steak, which was good. We then went back to our apartment and went to bed. However, Miles and I had to share a bed and therefore I did not sleep that well because Miles is a jerk face and takes all the covers.

In the morning we ate breakfast all together and we headed for the train station to get home at 8 pm. It was a good time in Lubeck and we learned a lot of Germany just from talking with them. But I was glad to be heading home because I am tried of traveling. On the way back I read a book called "What If", which discusses what if military battles had turned out differently. It was pretty cool and I have much more respect for George Washington, who is the Man.

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