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The original school buildings

The main classroom with one of the teachers

typical of most of Lesotho




The sangoma...like a witch doctor but a good one...thank god

The sangoma by her house

dance off

cheeky chappies




The public phone box...ah yeah!!

Adrian our tour guide (the one in the middle!) ha ha!

The day after the hike I took a day trip to Lesotho, because my original plan was to travel through there but unfortunately I hadnt left myself enough time so a day would have to do. It was one of the most tranquil and beautiful places I have ever been. Its only small, and has the highest low point in the world apparently, and is surrounded by mountains and its amazing. Its so luscious and green and every now and then you'll pass a little round grass hut with some sheets drying on the mountainside, or a few donkeys trotting by, or some of the little kids playing around.

We visited the local school and were shown around by one of the teachers, although the kids were off school this day. The school was so tiny and about a hundred kids all fit in the small room in one of the pictures. Then we climbed up to some caves to see some San rock art pretty similar to the stuff I saw in Namibia, but unfortunately some kids had graffitied so it had spoiled it a bit. Then we visited the local Sangoma. She is a bit like a witch doctor but can only do good stuff. She was wicked, she didnt speak English but we had a translator and could ask all sorts of questions, and I could tell she was a bit of a nutter, but a lovable one!!

We tasted the local brew which dad would certaiunly not approve of as it tasted like sour milk, then played around and pulled faces at the local kiddies...much to their amusement!

Then unfortunately we had to leave. It was such a nice day, and Lesotho will always remain in my memory as one of the most idyllic and happy places I had the pleasure of visiting.

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