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So we headed down for the beach. It was really nice and relaxing. The water was perfect and I was once again cursing Jonathan for loosing my goggles back in france. We busted out Harold and he was once again a hit with the kids. I can't wait for you all to meet him. People sold absolutely everything on the beach, as expected, and Sarah was constantly hiding from everyone whom she had promised to buy stuff from. She couldn't say no to anyone and ended up getting all the hair on her body threaded, manicures, pedicures, at least one massage a day, and fresh fruit and crayfish every hour, on the hour. The girls kept looking at me, when I refused the threading, and petting my legs and saying, "ooohhhh, very hairy." I cooly responded that I loved having hairy legs, but shaved my legs as soon as I got home to avoid anymore of the ongoing ridicule.

New year's was fun. Not too crazy. We went down to the far end of the beach that was farang free and were invited to join the local dance party. We didn't stay out that long, but I managed to drink a bit and got into a fight with the guesthouse dude when he refused to bend the rules and open the icecream freezer for me after hours. We spent one whole evening sitting at a bar and watching a french girl going crazy doing the flame twirling thing. We were also witness to the many fat farangs prancing around with their cute little Khmer girls. It was a disgusting dislay, that I'm sadly getting used to. So that's about it for Sihanoukville. I'll post some pictures soon. But from here it's mainly sunsets. Let me know when you get sick of the sunset pictures.

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