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Balancing an egg at the equator

The French's monument at the fake centre of the earth

We've been back in Quito for a couple of days now and yesterday we checked out the Centre of the Earth where the equator runs through. Actually, the French who delared this site the centre of the earth in the 1700's have recently been proven wrong by GPS technology. The real centre of the earth is 240 meters away, but there was already a huge monument and popular tourist attraction built on the old site.

The new, real centre of the earth site now houses an outdoor museum where a guide will take you through a bunch of fun science experiments. Jen successfully balances an egg on a nail head directly at the equator and we get to watch how water drains directly down at the equaor, or then spirals clockwise or counterclockwise depending on which hemisphere you stand in.

Today we just relaxed in a local park and went to a vivarium, which is like an aquarium but is full of reptiles and frogs. Tonight we got to meet some of our group members that will be on the boat with us at the Galapagos for the next 8 days. We're heading out early tomorrow morning, so you probably won't get another update for about 8 days. It's supposed to be scorching hot in the Galapaogs and I'm sure it'll be a rough go sailing around the islands and snorkeling with sea lions for the next week!

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