Caresse's 2007 Adventure to Ecuador and Peru travel blog

You want me to climb up that?

View of the jungle

It's a long way down


Goliath tarantula

Squirrel monkey

Frog watching by our cabin

5:00 is just so early! After breakfast we head out by canoe across the lake and then our guides paddle us up a blackwater creek. Then after a short hike we reach a giant kapok tree that has a wooden tower built around it reaching 150 feet into the sky high above the jungle canopy. I'm barely awake and you want me to climb up that? I'm absolutely terrified climbing up the tower, but the views from the top are just spectacular and we spend several hours up at the top . The birds are also amazing and are every colour in the rainbow. For anyone that's interested, I can show you my bird book from the lodge and the 80+ species that I saw including toucans, cotingas, parakeets, tanagers and parrots.

After climbing down we spend the rest of the morning hiking and see critters like bullet ants (their sting is supposed to be one of the most painful experiences in the world), lizards and even a poison dart frog! Our next adventure comes when we have to climb up another shorter tower and then realize that there's a cable swing to get us to the other side. No problem! On our paddle back to the lodge I see a black shadow inside a rolled up leaf. On a closer look, it's a huge tarantula!

Once back at our cabin I take a quick siesta and then watch a troop of squirrel monkeys jumping through the canopy. In the afternoon its off on another hike to learn about some of the Amazon's medicinal plant uses. We get to be tarzan again and swing across a small ravine on a vine and also get to sample an alive mint ant which leaves a burning sensation on your tongue.

Ok, Ok, I'll stop with the nature geek stuff and will try to have more pictures of me in the future.

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