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leaving isla

tulum beach hut






riuns at tulum




our beach hut












From Isla Mujeres, we headed back to the mainland and took a bus down to Tulum - a town a few hours south of Cancun, which has reportedly the most beautiful beaches in Mexico...we weren't disappointed as you can see from the pictures!! Pure paradise...

Spent a couple of days here in our rustic little beach hut - lazing about on the beaches, topping up the tan and generally relaxing and being lazy...the girls are on a holiday after all!

Unfortunately poor Ems got a bit sick so had to stay behind while Laura and I went to visit the nearby Mayan ruins...they were a bit further along the beach and located on top of a cliff so a pretty stunning location with lovely views...just a shame about the huge group of v annoying loud american tourists that arrived at the same time as us - we couldn't escape them...or the HUGE iguanas everywhere (which were much more preferable to the americans!) ... the ruins were interesting to see (but nowhere near as impressive as the ruins at Tikal) but the beachside location was great as we could keep dipping into the sea to cool down and play in the waves...supercool!...

Unfortunately, didn't have the time to stay any longer here - I could've stayed for weeks being the beach-addict i am (i can always come back one day)...but only 2 weeks for the girls and so much to stop Belize!

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