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Homes Sweet Homes & Bloody Weather!

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Milford Seals

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Beautiful Milford

After having such an amazing time in Queenstown doing all this stuff and spending time with our new found friends we thought we should chill out for a bit and visit the amazing Milford Sound.

It was bloody cold, but truly a very beautiful place.

We were camping out in the wilds with snow capped mountains as our backdrop. So the men went gathering firewood and the girls cooked 'Milford rarebit'. A classic Welsh dish with a Kiwi twist. Fried eggy bread with cheese and ham to you and I!

The whole time we were there the weather was basically, how do we put this...Shit...except for once we got on the boat to tour round the sound and the sun graciously put his hat on for us. We still got soaked though as the place is full of waterfalls with ickle rainbows under them. Yet another truly remarkable feat of nature.

Another bonus of the glorious weather we'd been having was the marvellous 'Mirror Lake' which lost it's effect due to thousands of gallons of rain rippling the mirror-like surface. On top of that we had the pleasure of getting severely bogged in the mud at one of the campsites, we use the term loosely as they are fields in the middle of nowhere with a hole for a dunny. Unfortunately for you guys we didn't have the camera out at the time otherwise you could've seen Chris and Keith head-to-toe in mud!

Now our 'Bon' has been good-as-gold the whole trip except for when it comes to travelling 100 kilometres from any living soul when he decided to have, not one, but two bloody flat tyres! On top of that it had to be bloody raining too so Chris and Keith almost caught pneumonia and looked like a pair of stroppy, drowned rats.

As you can see Claire and Emma were ever so clever and stayed nice and dry and mud free throughout all incidents!

After a surprisingly good few days (Thanks to Chris and Emma!)we got back to Te Anua for a sad farewell to our bestest Welsh friends. We had the most memorable times in NZ with you guys and we miss you!

As we choked back the tears, and Claire handed Keith a tissue he he Bon had one final surprise up his sleeve...his battery died! $100 later and one kind mechanic who lent Keith his tools and we were back on the road good as new.

Milford Sound and Welsh People Rock!!!

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