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We worked the whole day which was nothing special, just going through the training manuals. We were allowed to leave at 4pm as we had to travel back to Venlo.

After the troubles on the way to the hotel, with different people having different directions, I did the good thing and arranged all the info we needed to get from the ABN Head Office to the Metro and then eventually home to Venlo. I had it worked out to a T so there shouldnt have been any troubles.. Shouldnt have been..

We got to the Metro no worries and everything was going smooth until someone overheard us talking and decided to offer their 2 cents worth. We had to get off at Arena but this guy was saying that we should get off at the station after because it's bigger and there's more chance the train will stop there.. Thinking back to the trip to Amsterdam, I should have been more adamant about sticking to the directions but I let it go. We went to the next stop and then got to the platform advised by the ticketmaster just in time to see our train completely by-pass the station we were at and stop at the next station. It was like a triangle, both tracks went to the Arena station but we were at one of the other 2 points and our train came from the other point so we were left waiting for 45 minutes for the next train to arrive which screwed all our plans.

We stayed at the station and we waiting for our train, 2 women were left with our bags and the rest of us were at the end of the platform talking. You can only smoke at the end of the platform and half our group smoke so we were standing up there. Some guy came up and was talking to the 2 women with our bags and asked them for directions while distracting them and another guy walked up and took 2 of the bags and ran onto the train on the opposite side of the platform.

The 2 bags they grabbed were a laptop bag [which thankfully didnt have a laptop in it, but did have a €300 digital camera which belonged to the mother of the guy who's bag it was] and another bag from the same guy which just had clothes and stuff in it.

All in all, it topped off the afternoon we'd had with them not listening to my directions and making us miss our train. I'll never travel with most of them again.

I eventually made it home though.

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