Ed and Holly's Trip from Oz to Thailand travel blog

The Malc rainforest treck in the Great Sandy Natoinal Park

Poona lake

Poona lake's monster

Our jeep to head to Fraser Island on

A random ship wreck on the beach

Army man at the top of Indian Head, look for the sharks

View from top of sand dune on Fraser Island

Lake Wabby on Fraser Island

Greg, Gav, Hol & Mark in Lake Wabby waters

Ed in the waters

Lake Mckenzie



The Irish/Pomme clan

Hol driving....clear the roads

Poona Lake

Some ferret we picked up on the way

The professional shows us how its done

Lake Mckenzie and 2 tourists

The irish crowd

Immitating Blue Steel by Derick Zoolander


amazing doesnt even cover it, fraser island was so so good. we left in a 4x4 jeep with 6 other irish guys and their large amounts of potatoes. we got the barge over there and headed up the beach which is the islands road. ed & i were the only ones not allowed to drive because we're under 21 but anyway it ended up we were the only ones who did drive because farmer boy (ed) was only one who knew how to drive a 4x4 and holly was quickly taught!

we first went to lake mackenzie (see photo) and you can all see how breathtaking that is. we camped up for camp fire songs with the other people on our tour and were woken up in a pool of sweat by the morning sun.

second day we went to indianhead which is the northern most point of fraser island, when you look down the cliff you can see dolphins, tiger sharks, bull sharks, more sharks, and rays...somewhere you dont want to be pushed off. we headed to lake wabby which is a fair hike over the sand dunes but well worth it when you get to the opening of the lake.

on the final day we went back to lake mackenzie, it was just too good.

ed says hi too and agrees with what ive just spent ages typing


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