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Uluru from the air

The road to The Rock

Camels, forward ho!

A rare sighting!

First sunset.

This country is hot! Best bit of advice I can offer anyone ... drink lots of water! Saw some amazing sites at sunset, sunrise, on the back of a camel, near the top of the Rock, and around the Olgas.


"Uluru from the air" - is just that, a shot of Ayer's Rock from the window of the plane as we were coming in. I'm glad I got this shot because The Rock just does not seem that big from the ground.

"The road to The Rock" - this is the road into the park which incorporates Uluru.

"Camel, forward ho!" - starting out on a two-hour camel ride just before sunset. The ride out is to a point where you can watch the sun set over Kata-Tjuta (The Olgas).

"A rare sighting!" - the tour company set the stuffed koala into the tree because a common question is "will we get to see a koala" to which the answer is no. Apparently, this region is not suited to the Koala.

"First sunset" - the view of the sunset over Kata-Tjuta half way through the camel trek.

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