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Basilica del Voto Nacional (essentially an indoor cemetary)

All the older gentlemen wear suits

View of the City

The Virgin of Quito monument

View of the City and the Basilica del Voto

Hi All

Jen and I arrived in Quito late last night and have started to explore the City. Many parts of Quito are quite modern and its a beautiful City surrounded by Volcanos. It's also a very high City at almost 3,000 meters and can be a shock to the system for those of us that live at sea level. Jen and I both have mild symptoms of altitude sickness including shortness of breath and headaches. The best remedy is to drink lots of water and take it easy for a few days. I have some pills for altitude sickness, but I think I'm going to save them for Peru, where we'll be much higher.

Today we explored the old town of Quito which is rich in history with cobbled streets, churches that are hundreds of years old and beautiful plazas. We also visited the well-known monument called the Virgin of Quito which stands at the top of a large hill and overlooks the City.

For dinner we were adventerous and went to an authentic Ecuadorian restaurant. My Spanish is fairly limited so I wasn't quite sure what I was getting when I ordered a traditional dish with about 7 different items. The shrimp ceviche was excellent and is kind of like Latin sushi. Its raw fish or seafood marinated in fresh lime juice and mixed with onions, tomatos and fresh herbs. The acidity of the lime kind of cooks it. I didn't figure out what the rest of my dinner was until I got back to the hotel and looked it up in my Spanish dictionary. My dinner included goat stew, tripe and potato stew with peanut sauce, fried plantains and more tripe stuffed with rice, plantains and I think blood. Most of it was just a little too strange for my taste buds! But I hear the ants in the Amazon that taste like lemons are quite tasty.

We fly out tomorrow morning to the Amazon where we'll be staying at a jungle lodge for 5 days ( Check out the website in another 5 days for a new update.

Cheers, Caresse

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