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Tourist hell staying in downtown cancun as is the only place remotely in my price range.. am sure the beach is beautiful but am nowhere near it! Doesn't even feel like being in Mexico or Central America here..more like some crappy town in the states!

Thank god only here one night ...meeting Ems and Lauz at airport tomorrow and then we are off to better places!

Only thing I can afford to do here is sleep..which after a 20hour hungover bus ride to get here is exactly what am going to do!

Bus journey was fine..the buses here are pure luxury compared to Guatemala - you have assigned, recling seats, a/c, movies and a toilet - amazing!!

Although have just found out i could've flown here for only $10 extra and would've taken 2hrs instead of 20...not happy!..but at least i got to practice my spanish a little on the kid sitting next to me..even if he didn't seem to understand a word i was saying!

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