Claire & Keef Under A Mango Leaf 06/07 travel blog

On The Way To Wanaka

Land Of The Long White Cloud - Aeoteroa

Yet Another River

Keith & Yet Another Waterfall

Claire & Yet Another Waterfall

The Blue (ICE) Pool

Now I'm Really Freezing My Gonads Off!!!

Breathtaking New Zealand

Breathtaking New Zealand #2

Beauty & The Beast (left to right)

We Could Make Postcards

Keith & Bon

These Kiwis Ain't Half Liberal

Us About To Win The Race In The Maze

Photo Finish - WINNERS!!!

Who Tilted The Room Then?

They Are Suprisingly Not Drunk

Emma, Claire & Chris @ Puzzling World

The Fresh Kiwi Air Was Having Strange Effects On Keith

Lake Wanaka

Chris, Emma & Claire Soaking Up Rare Sun

Emma. Chris & The Phantom

After some of the most breath-taking scenery we'd seen in our whole time in NZ we arrived at Lake Wanaka. We stayed in a kiwi campsite near the lake and while cooking our dinner who did we stumble upon but Chris & Emma (the welsh wizards). It was great to see them again especially as we hadn't exchanged details. We went out on the town and bumped into another couple, Jack & Kate, who we dragged around town with us. Wanaka's a great little place, right on a big lake with generally nice weather with snow-capped mountains all around us. And, as we discovered, there is a great night life too. We staggered back to the campsite at stupido'clock, we passed out in our van and Chris & Emma did drunken mountaineering in the kids play area.

We also wanted to be big kids and so went to Puzzling World. Basically a thinking persons amusement park. We went head to head: England versus Wales racing through a maze. We were losing really badly but like the tortoise and the hare we came through and won! But like good sports we bought the drinks. There was lots of optical illusions like a whole tilted room that made you feel drunk and another room with two doors where you look massive through one and tiny through the other door like Alice In Wonderland.

We spent about 5days in Wanaka with Chris & Emma having a right good crack and dodging campsite fees. Naughty naughty. We even finally played a few card games and perfected our shit-head techniques. Keith was well chuffed though as he finally got to watch his beloved Arsenal play and beat Man Utd. Chris being an avid Man Utd supporter was not happy.

We had a really wicked time with Chris & Emma and got on like a house-on-fire and it felt really sad that we had to move on to Queenstown. We were holding up their job-seeking and they were post-poning Keith's Giant Bungy....just bad influences on each other i suppose he he he

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