Claire & Keef Under A Mango Leaf 06/07 travel blog

Historic Wellington Cable Car

Cable Car Hunk...NOT

Phantom Statue Fondler

Modern Dick Whittington?!?

Free Gig In The Gardens

Free Gig In The Gardens #2

Wellington By Night

Claire Finally Got Her Hands On A Big Kiwi!!!

Sally Finally Got The Fame She Deserved he he

...He's Not Bitter

She On The Other Hand Is he he he

Wellington is a pretty cool city. Fairly small and compact. We would've seen more but it didn't stop raining......

So in the summer the whole of New Zealand put on free stuff like outdoor cinemas and stuff. Wellington was putting on free gigs in the Botanical Gardens! How cool. So we went along to one. It had finally stopped rainy and was freezing cold, but there was a fair few people having a few beers (and a few sneaky joints!) in the gardens. The gig was pretty cool. Like a mixture of RnB and soul, really funky and actually the group were quite talented! By the end everyone was grooving (including Keith!). And it didn't rain!!!!

We went to the Te papa museum for a bit of a culture fix. Ended up going to a pub for a drink and we bumped into this guy (Andre) who we met at the Shihad's gig in Napier! Small world eh!

We had to be up early for the ferry so we decided to be cheapskates and 'free parked' in a car park next to the Botanical Gardens. Scary stuff. Needless to say Claire was shitting it at every noise and didn't get a wink of sleep and Keith had his trusty knife under his pillow. We had also been told that the ferry crossing would be 'Rough As' so again Claire was bricking it about that. I'm not a good traveller.

Oh yeah, Keith made some new friends on a campsite we stayed at in Poirura....see the pictures. This campsite just so happened to be right next to this place where an escaped convict was on the loose and killed 4 people.

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