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Dear All

Well we have arrived safely after snoring for hours on the plane... One good thing about crying your eyes out all day Saturday, we were totally exhausted. Think we even shocked the air hostess, who tried feeding us and we were always sleeping !! The flight went on for yonks and Shelley now knows what it is like to have swollen ankles. !

Getting a taxi from the airport went well and we got to the hotel at about 5.00pm... So it was nearly time for bed again !

We went for a stroll round Bangkok ( What am I saying more like a HIKE !) ... And the sights and smells were really NICE !!! Put it this way, we saw a plate of insects on a little stall, that were for eating and they were more alive than they were dead. Sick we nearly were. Dad i am really chuffed I am veggie and even Michelle has converted to being a VEGETARIAN too !! ..

We experienced a TUC TUC today .. Which is a three wheeler motor bike thing .. That was a pretty crazy experience. We clutched the sides for dear life and had our eyes shut for most of the journey ! We then went to the see the Kings Palace, which was very impressive indeed.

Then went to the Gem factory and I bought a ring and Michelle was having none of it !

We start our jungle trek on Wednesday and return Saturday ,... So our next contact will probably be from OZ !!

Just to let you know my mobile is working ... I can receive TEXT s and calls .. But not send any .. Hoping mum is on the case with O2. So pls send us TEXTs, its nice to hear from you and we will reply by mail until its up and running. !!!

Nicki ... Thanks for the update on Camila and Roger .. It only took us a day to work out who they were .. .We now know for next time. !

Simon ... I think Sam wants to become a veggie too ... I can't blame him ! Keep sending us messages and thanks again for the lift.

Melissa .. you will be pleased to know that your present Hamish the fluffy Sheep(Our Mascot) has made it to Bangkok and when we work out , how to download photos.. He will appear for you to see. !

This is it peeps .... Over and Out from Bangkok ....

Loads of Luv Michelle and Hannah


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