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On Wednesday I moved to Maroochydore, it was only about 2 hours from Brisbane. However, the bus from the hostel to the transit centre got stuck in traffic and I missed my bus. Luckily I could be put on the later one without having to pay any more money. So I got to Maroochydore about 12.30pm. I had planned to go and see the Big Pineapple at Caloundra, but was so tired when I got to the hostel that I decided to have a relaxing day around the area, as the hostel was about 100m from the beach. Maroochydore is quite nice, but more touristy than I had thought it would be for such a relatively small place. As I hadn't slept very well on the boat or the previous night as I was anxious about waking up in time for the bus I went to bed very early.

On Thursday I caught the free courtesy bus to Australia Zoo 'Home of the Crocodile Hunter'. It was a pretty amazing place, and you can tell Steve Irwin really cared about the animals, they all have nice big places to live in and are even taken for walks by the staff! I saw the elephants and cheetahs being walked which was good, especially as the elephants were walking holding onto the tail of the one in front! Today was also the first day that I saw koalas actually moving in a tree as well, rather than just wedged in a fork of the branches sleeping! There was a mother and her baby, the baby was just learning how to move through the tree, and was so cute as he followed his mother (of course, it could have been a she...). I went to the Wildlife Warriors 101 show at 11am which was amazing. They showed us birds, snakes and, of course, Crocodiles. Some of the birds flew right over my head (the black cockatoo with a red tail and a lorikeet). There is also a tribute to Steve Irwin just under the Crocoseum, with all the things that people have sent from all around the world. It's very touching, and the staff are very much keeping his spirit alive. It was definately worth visiting and worth the money, but I was very tired at the end of it.

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