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On Saturday I got invited by one of the people who work at the hostel (Des) to come on a sailing trip to Peel Island with him and his friends as a farewell thing for him. I had already booked transport and a hostel, but could change these easily.

So early on Monday morning me and Sam, a girl from Canada who was in my dorm and also coming got ready for our mini trip. Dave (boss at the hostel) drove the 6 of us to Cleveland to meet Tony and his daughter (and their dog!) whose boat we were going to be on. After buying food for the next couple of days we were all set for our sailing adventure. We moored just off of Peel Island at around 11am.

A lot of the time we sat around talking, either in the sun or under the cover at the back of the boat. A few people went diving or snorkelling. In the afternoon Carl, Tony, Fiona and I took the dog to the beach and played ball and swam in the sea. It was so nice, because the beach was practically empty, it was like a little haven! Des played his guitar and Carl played the Digeridoo, which was exciting!

In the evening I lay at the front of the boat with Des and Jasmine and Sarah and looked at the stars, it was quite amazing how many can be seen when there is no light pollution.

I slept in one of the bunks, but it was so hot and I kept waking up, although it was probably better than the floor which is where Des and Fiona were sleeping! Eventually I got up around half 6 and went and sat out with Tony and Sam who were already up.

After breakfast we went round to the wreck of the Platypus, just off the coast of Peel Island and were meant to go diving or snorkelling there, but one of the masks had broken the day before and no one wanted to go on their own! So instead we went to Dunwich on North Stradbroke Island for some ice cream and also to have a look at a memorial to the passengers on 'The Emigrant', which was from the UK and suffered an outbreak of Typhus on the way. Some died at sea, and when they arrived at the island Dunwich became a quarantine station. Many more died at Dunwich itself and most are in unmarked graves.

After that we headed back to where we had been on Monday and relaxed some more! Carl, Tony, Jasmine and Sarah (Jasmine's friend) had gone to shore already and then a bit later, Brenton decided he wanted to go, and would swim from the boat. However he didn't want to go on his own, so I went with him. It was a really good swim, probably a few hundred metres or something, but I was pretty tired when I got to shore, where Tony and Carl were heading back to the boat, how predictable. Carl decided he would swim back with Brenton, whereas I gratefully accepted a trip back in the dinghy!

We saw loads of dolphins, some of which swam right under the boat. I was going to go and swim with them at one point, but then thought I better not as I didn't want to scare them! We also saw a turtle stick his head out of the sea a couple of times, which was excellent as I'd been getting a bit bored of dolphins ;-)

It was a great couple of days and I was a bit sad to be leaving in the morning having made some good friends with the people who worked at the hostel.

(I'm putting this as Stradbroke Island on the map as Peel Island is too small to be on there!)

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