Ed and Holly's Trip from Oz to Thailand travel blog

Sydney church

Hol, Raich, other hol, Loz

Sydney taxis

Atticus & Ed on Bongoli beach


hol & attwood

hol, raich, attwood, hol, loz & tony

whos a happy boy!


moment of fame


filling up the campervan with petrol... im ill

Cairns stormy day


the back of the van

the kitchen

i managed to persuade the manager that i was so hungry i...

well... the lads really

hutch, hol, collins


the 3 free bags we got for buying 5 beers each

the mad Aussy on the left. the mad hol in the middle...


i saw collins' face

holly man, shes just chillin

yeah alright

The Captain

The Joke

Ed's new friend

Australia's newest road


Its nice







So its been 10 days of shinanagins in the Dixon household in Gordon, North Sydney. Had an amazing time with Rach and her mates down there, so good ended up changing our flights 5 times to extend our trip with them. so while we were there we fitted in Manly beach, Bongola beach, the nightclub Greenwood, and the leaning tower of Pisa. Its all been good fun, sad to go but the trip must go on.

We flew to Cairns and jumped in our campervan (the Captain) to head South to Byron Bay then slowly work our way up but we've stopped off at Rainbow Beach to experience a night with the lads (Hutch, Collins & Cooke) who managed to blag a free night in our free Youth Hostel. We're off to Fraser Island on Saturday for couple nights in a 4x4 self drive trip with some other ppl which should be amazing. Today we went to these incredible Sand dunes in the Great Sandy National Park, see the photos.

Hope your all enjoying the snow, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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