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I went to Moreton Island on the 18th, as the people at the hostel told me that it was worth visiting, for only $45 return on the ferry. So, having convinced myself that after not spending much money in the previous days I figured that with taking my own lunch, it would be nice to spend a day relaxing on a beach!

Yutt (one of the guys from New Zealand who I met at sailing on the Wednesday) wanted to come as well as he didn't know what to do. So at 7.45am we caught the bus to the ferry port, bought our tickets and boarded the ferry for a 1 hour 15 minute ride to Tangalooma. As you get close to the island, you see the huge sand dunes, the beach and... the wrecks! The wrecks are the remains of the old whaling station that used to be at Tangalooma which were deliberately sunk and are now stuck in the sand! But they provide excellent snorkelling opportunities. So after a half hour walk down the beach to the snorkel rental place we rented snorkels, but went to the restaurant to eat lunch (I had brought mine with me, Yutt bought food there). Then we headed back down to the wrecks, and swam out to them. I had been told that there were sometimes stingrays or sharks spotted around, so I was a little bit scared! We stopped at one of the wrecked pieces and walked on it! But not before I managed to cut my hand, knee and leg by just knocking against the side of it which was covered in sharp shells or something... but, I started bleeding, and got more scared about the fact that sharks can smell blood from several miles away... as it happens, we only saw normal sized fish, and quite a lot of different ones at that, but I was getting paranoid and wanted to head back to the shore where I wouldn't be eaten by sharks! So after a little bit of a swim next to the wrecks we went back to the beach to dry off in the sun. I did very well at not getting burnt, so I'm quite proud of me!

It was a really nice day though, and as we were on the ferry waiting to go back we saw a small pod of dolphins!

Musa, the Malaysian guy I met in Tasmania had got in touch with some friends of his here in Brisbane and they offered to have me over for dinner on Thursday night. And being a traveller, and taking advantage of anything free, I accepted! So they picked me up at 6pm and took me to their house in Paterson, which was really nice. They are from Fiji and had made a really nice lamb curry for dinner. They had just had a baby, he was only 4 weeks old, and so tiny!

It was a really good day, although I was very tired by the time I got back to the hostel!

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