Claire & Keef Under A Mango Leaf 06/07 travel blog

Mad Cow In The Maze

Where's The Rotten Tomatoes?

Waxin' Me Boards Dude

Paddle, Paddle!

Bodacious Brown

Gisborne Grommet

Come In, The Waters Lovely

We were thankful to leave the smelliest place on earth, although it didn't really bother Keith as he smelt quite normal there for a change.

Found a giant maze on the way out of town and behaved like kids for the first hour and then got annoyed as we couldn't get out.

Got to Gisborne after the longest drive to discover that they had had the biggest new years eve festival....doh! It had like 4 stages and a campsite and everything and was THE place to be. No one told us. It's a conspiracy I tell you.

Weather was, surprise surprise.....raining. It was a cool city orientated around surfing though and we had fun on the waves. Half-way through the day though the wind changed, the surf got even better and the sun came out. The sun spends most of the time hiding in NZ, but when it does come out it comes out with a vengeance. So we ended up with burnt hands, feet and heads cos of the wetsuits.

We went wine and cider tasting and Claire got a bit carried away and ended up a bit worse for wear. We ended up feeling a bit obliged to buy something as we'd consumed a fair amount of their finest wine. So a few hours later, with our pockets decidedly lighter and our chilly-bin heavy with wine we left.

Napier was our next town of adventure.

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