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Coconut collection Mue ne style

No Germans here!

Having recovered from the pain of the mountain biking, Mr. P the physical pain, Mrs. P the mental pain of having Mr. P. sat next to her on the bus to Mue Me(pronounced mooney) we made it to the sleepy village on the south vietnamese coast. Being completely disorganised and not having booked into any kind of accomodation we managed to stumble on a lovely resort right on the beach front and charging a massive $12 per night. After some speedy calculations we managed to negotiate a B&B rate of $15 per night.

It didn't take long to get into the swing of things and most days seemed to end as soon as they began. Breakfast on the beach, sun bathing on the beach, Lunch on the beach, more sunbathing, beers at sunset, then if we could muster the energy dinner....... at a restaurant on the beach!

We have never eaten so much good seafood in our lives. Mr. P was especially concerned about his wife who increasingly turned a darker shade of flamingo pink as the week went on. After checking the factor of the sun lotion she was using I decided the "pinkness" was down to a shrimp overdose and not excessive sun burn. It was only a matter of time before she sprouted wings and and stood around all day on 1 leg with her kness back to front. Due to lack of self control we had to leave beautiful Mue ne and find a more varied diet.

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