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new hat!

a lot of sand.

waiting for the bus in Gympie

the rainforset

One for David!

I was collected from My hostel in Rainbow beach, having had a really peaceful nights sleep. apparently there were loads of disturbances and noise in our room, but i was blissfully unaware, since i have just discovered earplugs.

The tourbus seated 14, and we all cheerfully introduced ourselves and left the rest to Terry, our driver and guide. there were 2 German couples, one from Essen, and another from Oberhausen!!!! a bit close to home! i did try a bit of german on them, but i appear to have forgotten a lot of words....hardly surprising really.

There was a quick ferry over, and then we drove along a 75 mile beach, totally beautiful and natural. there is no swimming in the sea and the beaches are empty except for the odd fisherman or 4x4. We swam in a fresh water creek, and went all the way to the tip of the island to stand on the rocks, named indian head by Captain cook, because he saw an aborigine standing up there when he sailed past. (all indigenous people were called "indians" back then.) There were turtles in the water below, and a few small sharked as well. I was hoping to spot a manta ray, as they are apparently quite common here, but alas, not today.

we stayed in little cabins ( more like portacabins than log cabins)at a place called Dilli Village and Terry cooked us steak and vegetables for dinner. We swam in the little lagoon they have there, it was beautiful fresh water, and just the right temperature.

Next morning we piled back in the busses, and sped off into the interior rainforest area, for a walk through Pile Valley. Terry gave us lots of information about the logging industry that used to exsit on the island.

The next stop was the famous Lake MaKenzie, a beautiful rainwater lake, where you can swim and sit on the white sands all around it. the water is a bit acidic, so not many fish survive there, and the sand has a really high silica content, so you can clean your jewelery in it. i did not test this theory, as i had no jewelery. I had a little swim, and lay on the beach before heading back to the bus for a picnic lunch. We finished lunch just in time as the rain started pouring down, filling up the lakes a bit and mking the rainforest look even more authentic.

I had a great time on the tour and met some fun people. I hooked up with an American girl called Katie, and after sharing a cabin the night, we were both headed on to Hervey bay for some beachtime.

i forgot my camera lead photos later guys, sorry!!!

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