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So this morning I was up at 4:20am to meet Pa and Corinna and get a jumbo to the bus station and make the 6:00am bus to Savannaket. We got tickets straight away and made our way onto the bus. When we got on the aisle of the bus was full with bags of rice and other products so we had to climb over all this stuff to get into the seats. All day long we watched as the bus stopped at every small jumction and big tree and unloaded everything imaginable either into the bus itself or on top. At it's fullest there was a motorbike and a scooter in the aisle (yes on the bus in the middle of the aisle), bags upon bags upon bags of rice, a fan, boxes of who knows what could have been in them. It was great fun climbing over the bags of rice, the fan the motorbike and the scooter to get off the bus when we stopped halfway through the journey.

We got to Savannaket about 2:30pm and found a guesthouse but this is a dead town and none of us wanted to waste any time here so I'm getting the bus to Pakse in the morning and Pa and Corinna got tickets this afternoon for the bus to Vietnam.

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