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So on the 7th Derrick and I got the bus to Launceston from Hobart. It was a bit annoying as we walked to the station and it started to rain, and I couldn't really use my umbrella as I was imitating a packhorse!

Anyway, we got to the volunteer house about 5.30pm. There were 3 Koreans there already and a German guy playing Monopoly.

On Monday the conservation work started again. We went to Cataract Gorge, which is really picturesque, someone was even swimming in the basin! But we didn't have much of an opportunity to take in the views as we were soon putting on gloves and getting our cutting implements and chopping down gorse, poisoning the stems so it wouldn't grow back. I have a new hate, and that is gorse! Still, we cleared a whole section which was pretty good.

Tuesday I was getting ready to do more weeding and poisoning but when we got to the office I was told I would be helping with water surveys around the Tamar river catchment area. So 6 of us went around in 2 cars going to various streams and rivulets and testing for pH, turbidity etc. In the first 2 we went to, there were platypuses... however, before I got to see them, they had been scared away :-( Still, I've been told of a National Park in Queensland where you're guaranteed to see some in the wild. So I'm going to go there when I'm up near Cairns. I did get to see an echidna in the wild though, so that was good, it made up for the lack of a platypus.

Wednesday was weeding again, in a different part of Cataract gorge, this time pulling up sycamores. A wallaby was right next to me at one point which was cool. Thursday we went around several reserves watering newly planted trees, which was a very easy day, although due to bushfires in Victoria on the mainland, there was smoke over Launceston so the views were a bit obscured. Friday was weeding yet again, as well as poisoning adult trees that aren't native to Tasmania. So it was a very exhausting week really, but very enjoyable, and I got to see a lot of the surrounding countryside.

On Saturday CVA put on a nature walk to Liffey Falls. It was really nice, we got taken up into the mountains and had 3 hours of bushwalking through the rainforest and had lunch there. They also bought us all ice creams! As the weather had been getting steadily hotter!

Last night (Sunday 14th) I flew to Brisbane, there was a beautiful sunset over the mountains as we left. I was a bit sad to leave Tassie as it was such a picturesque place, I think I prefer it to the mainland as it's greener (and smaller!).

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