Forrest & Kolleen's Honeymoon travel blog

Warren played Santa(Father Christmas in Africa)

The next day some Zulu dancers came by to give us a...

The leopard skin indicates a Chiefs status

This was really cool, and man can they dance!

Is this really Christmas Day?????

A giant snail at the house.....this thing is about 6 inches long

The view from the yard and the meat on the grill the...

To Africa! Grants father Eric had some Army friends they had...

It was great to be around some family at last!

So after the last of our scuba we drove south to a town named Trafalgar where my brother in laws family has a summer home. We spent a great 3 days with Grant, Loraine, Warren, eric and Michael. The home is beautiful and has been in the family for 3 generations now. It was quite different spending Christmas Day on the beach in Africa and at this point we were starting to get homesick. After this though we go up north to Zimbabwe and Victoria Falls and then home at last.

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