Forrest & Kolleen's Honeymoon travel blog

Thie is Batista, a pet banded Mongoose that loves to climb on...

Lion tracks. Not want you want to see in the bush.

A young wildebeast.

We found a moneky skull on a hike.

Mama and baby Hippo.

Batista at the pool. I helped him hunt frogs.

Takinga drink from the well. He was actually sucking the water out...

The most aggressive animal in Africa. The Cape Buffalo.

I think he was trying to hide behind the tree.

A baby Giraffe. He was still about 10 feet tall.

We were able to spend 3 days at the safari camp so here are some more pictures of all the wildlife we saw. From here we are off to Durbin to rent a truck and drive up the coast for some scuba diving.

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