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The Great Divide

I think we know the owner.

one of the shanty's

Step away from the elephant.

I think I dropped my wedding ring.....

The Knysna elephant park.

Guess who we saw? A street fair in the town we're at

Ready for the zip line tour in the rain forest

Dont look down. (it's about 100 ft up)

This is too much fun!

So the shark diving was really cool, but we learned a valuable lesson. When South Africans say to wear sun screen they mean it. even though it was a cloudy day we both got fried. Not to mention the 12 meter boat, (36 ft) was loving the 3 meter (9 ft) swells and at least half the boat was barfing over the side. Not us though. So after a day of recovery we headed east to Plettenburg Bay with a little detour past the true souther tip of Africa. Hope you enjoy these, theres more to come.

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