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from rio dulce we took a so-called "luxury" bus to flores....twice the price of the normal public bus and supposedly took half the time with a/c, comfy seats etc etc....well we were well and truly riped off as was another horrible bus journey & we were totally lied to about the service..screaming kids everywhere, unbearably hot and took hours...but at least am getting used to these awful buses now and know next time not to bother paying the extra cost as they are all as bad as each other!!

we arrived in flores at about 11pm and eventually found somewhere to stay after traipsing round loads of hostels and hotels which were all not in the best of moods and me getting really sick (with acute bronchitis i found out later - hence the very rough looking photos!) we decided to give tikal a miss for the following day and rest - i spent most the day in bed trying to get better ....had a look around flores which is a tiny town built on an island - is a nice place & very pretty but very small and the only reason people come here is to go and see the nearby mayan ruins at tikal - the main tourist spot in guatemala...(and also where one of the star wars films was filmed - the secret rebel base for all u star wars geeks!)

so the following morning we booked a tikal sunrise tour which involved getting up at 3am, driving for an hour to get to the ruins and walking up one of the temples in the pitch black waiting for the sun to come up....there wasn't a sunrise as such, it was really misty and foggy which started to clear as it got light...then in the distance you could see some other temples hidden deep in the jungle...a pretty impressive sight....we then spent a few hours walking around the rest of the ruins with our very enthusiastic & knowledgeable guide Luis, learnt lots about the Mayan culture and all in all a pretty cool day...

...apart from then having to hang around flores for the rest of the day as we'd checked out the hostel and were waiting until 11pm for our night bus to guatemala city...not nice when i was feeling so ill!...fortunately managed to sleep the whole 10 hour journey and then we had a connecting bus to antigua...arriving back to my old hostel there just in time for breakfast...saw some of my old friends there which was really nice but unfortunately the only thing i did in antigua for the next 3 days was a trip to the doctors...was even too ill for any partying so must've been bad!

so am still with the swedish boys and we're heading off to lake atitlan next - them just for a few days but i think i'll stay a while if i like it and take some more spanish classes.....they are much needed after gustaf pointing out to me i'd told the doctor i was 17 not 27 years old...he'd come with me to do any translating but was pretty useless as he didn't even correct me...he thought i was lying about my age on purpose!!..the doctor didn't seem to flinch though so that can only be a good thing!!

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