The Youngblood Diaries Winter 2007 travel blog

Now i'm feeling the tensions that i always experience when i'm about to make a far long journey.Into a different world than my own.I'm collecting all the items i need.Making shortlists.Thinking and wondering about the journey ahead.I really need this break in my life,really need the new experience.I'm an addict,a traveladdict and it has been way to long since my last holiday.Last time i travelled to Cuba by myself i enjoyed that but it was to short.Didn't have the time nor the money to stay longer.And a couple of years ago i travelled with Gap in the year 2004 to do the Southern Cross trip.And that was the most amazing experience i had.Wished i could have stayed there forever and ever!But i couldn't and i encountered some difficulties when i arrived home.Not the first weeks or so but later when the memories faded.They weren't gone but i felt sick not being there where i wanted to be.I truly fell in love with the SouthAmerican way of life,the lands and it's people.And you probably wonder why i don't return there?Well that's a logical thing to say but i always wanted to visit Angkor Wat in Cambodia.And now i will.There is more in this world and i want to see it all!If i can.

Later more when i have arrived in Hanoi or whenever.

Bye now.

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