2006-2007 Trip Journal by Kim, Kenzy, and Trout travel blog

Early Morning Sunrise In Bay of Islands

Bright Fish!

Kenzy Brings One In

Trout's Snapper

Two On the Dock

The Big One

Jason and the Kids At the Tippy-Top Of the Sky Tower

We Still Haven't Seen One

Trying To Find Hot Water

Looks like 2007 is off to a good start! We spent January 1st fishing for giant Snapper off the northern coast of New Zealand. Not a bad way to start the year!

We lucked into a beautiful day with glassy water and sunshine. Most of the fish we caught were on the small side, but Jason did reel in one that was 6.8 kilos. He was pretty happy about it. Kenzy was thrilled by the two huge pods of Bottlenose dolphins that were swimming near the boat. They even treated us to a few jumps and flips.

Right now the kids and I are back in Taupo. We decided that the best way to spend our last two weeks in New Zealand was to pick one place and stay there. Taupo was the place we liked the best over all. Great park, beautiful lake, lots of activities to choose from.

On our way down here we stopped off at the Hot Water Beach. It's pretty neat. You walk out on the beach at low tide feeling around with your feet for warm spots. When you find one, you start digging yourself a personal hot-tub. The kids had a good time, though it was REALLY crowded. This week is summer break for the Kiwi's, so most beaches and parks are jammed.


We started on a hot spot, but the water was too hot to sit in, so we moved to an open area in between two other tubs. We dug for a while without any luck, then one of the walls from another tub busted and hot water was leaking into our pool. We had to fix the wall, but at least our water was a little warmer for awhile. Eventually we had to quit because we couldn't find a steam vent that wasn't taken. We walked back to the campervan after about an hour and a half of digging, and it took about 10 minutes to brush off all of the sand. I thought the beach was really neat, although I wish we hadn't gone on the busiest week of the year.

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