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The Rock Sand Guesthouse

Bang Boa - the fishing village where we stopped to have a...

Bexta getting her chops round a crab!

Sunsets don't get much better than this!

Having left the smog and chaos of Bangkok we headed to Ko Chang, an island off the Eastern coast of Thailand for some sun, sea and sand, and that's exactly what we got. It's a beautiful island, relatively unspoilt with picturesque views and beaches.

The first night we arrived late and had to choose somewhere quickly to stay and ended up in a very remote resort that had only the hotel restaurant to keep you occupied when not lying on the beach. The nearest village couldn't be reached on foot, and the taxis stopped running on the entire island at 6pm so we finally managed to bribe a hotel worker to take us into the nearest village for a bit of life and soul, but even that village didn't really have much going for it. It was then that we decided that we ought to move to somewhere a bit more lively in the morning.

Having worked out that the most liveliest resort was White Sands (originally thinking that it would be something a bit like Chaweng in Koh Samui, but actually it was nothing like that at all) we headed out there first thing the next day, after half an hour of lugging our rucksacks around in the mid day sun we made the mistake of settling for the 'Tiger Huts' that were located on the main road opposite the beach. They were very cheap and as soon as we got into our hut we soon found out why - the room was grotty, the huts were packed very closely next to each other, there was no sink, and just a hose for a shower and tap! So night 2 wasn't much better and again we decided that we would need to move again.

So day 3 we finally managed to find somewhere to rest our bags for a few days, and to us it was paradise well in comparison to where we had been staying for the past few nights. It was called the 'Rock Sand' guesthouse, and it was located right on the beach overlooking the sea in the White Sand Resort. We had a very basic room with shared bathrooms but it was heaven to us. The whole place just had a really chilled out vibe with hammocks and cushions everywhere, and the latest Chillout album playing in the background. We were actually quite sad to be leaving the place.

During our stay in Koh Chang, apart from the usual sunbathing and swimming we did manage a trip down to a fishing village in the south of the island called Bang Bao where all the houses used to be built on stilts in the water and there are a few still like this. We thought being a fishing village it would be a shame not to try some of the local seafood so we were recommended a lovely seafood restaurant that overlooked the sea, where we tried out some of the daily catches!

On our penultimate day, CJ finally having managed to kick her cold and her blocked ears (well she hoped!) decided to have a go at diving whilst Bexta tagged along for a bit of snorkelling. So off we set for a day out around the surrounding islands where CJ did two dives with excellent visibility whilst Bexta snorkelled around. A great day out on the sea where we met some nice and friendly people.

Next stop - Cambodia!

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