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Woke to a brilliant blue sky. It had snowed during the night and as the temperature had warmed up the melting snow made a curtain of drops as I took photos on deck at 7:30 am. It was warm enough not to even need a coat or jumper.

What a difference to yesterday afternoon when the cloud, rain and sleet came down as we visited the furthest south we'll go in the afternoon. This was to Petermann Island. I found it exhilerating with the wind whipping the waves and clouds along. The penguins found it more difficult to move around but got by by sliding up hill as well as down. It was wonderful to watch their antics. Here we saw Adelie penguins with quite large chicks. There were also rookeries of gentoo but mainly they stayed apart. Masses of icebergs - colours still amaze me.

We managed a couple of cocktails in the bar despite being very tired.

Back today it is of course our 37th wedding anniversary. It definitely out does any posh hotel with regard to the scenery and service but the beds are rather uncomfortable and very narrow - not for two or is it we're fatter now!

Boat trip to Port Lockroy where shop and museum run by two very english women. Penguins all round the Base, which was used by the British in the 2nd WW to keep an eye on enemy shipping, and the penguins just got on with their life despite people in bright bluejackets just a foot away.

Love Jean and Hank

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