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On Thursday 28th I left Melbourne and headed for the Spirit of Tasmania ferry, which departed at 9am. The journey was very long (9 hours) and very boring. So really not much point in telling you much about it. Anyway, we got into Devonport at just after 6pm, where I called the hostel I was staying at for the night to ask for the shuttle bus to pick me up. There were a couple of other travellers also heading to the same hostel, so we waited together until the bus picked us up around 6.45pm. After checking in I went for a wander and got a pizza from a nice little restaurant I found. Then I booked a seat on the bus to Launceston the next morning.

So, Friday morning was another early start as the bus left at 7.35am. I got into Launceston just after 9am and walked to the CVA office. As I stepped in the door I was told that I was going to Hobart, as the bus in Launceston had broken down and also there weren't any projects for me to do. I just kind of looked at them... still with my bag on back, hot from walking and tired from not sleeping very well. Anyway, they were really nice people, got me a drink, went through the orientation and organised that I would be staying in the volunteer house in Launceston that night and going to Hobart with another volunteer, Derrick, the next morning. I was very glad to be taken to the volunteer house where I could relax for a while. I decided to go for a walk around the town, which was a half hour walk from the house itself! But was a nice little place, although they've built the town in the hills, so some of the roads going to and from the town centre are a bit steep.

In the evening the other volunteers got back from their project, we made dinner and then decided to have a walk down by the river. We sat down for a bit after a while and watched the sunset, just chatting about things. Then suddenly I saw something on a fence... it was a possum!!!!! Apparently it was a ring tailed possum. It was very exciting. Especially as I had tried to see possums in the parks in Melbourne, but never managed to, then when I wasn't particularly expecting to see one, there one was! So that's another Austrlian animal I can add to my list as having seen in the wild.

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