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Alrighty! We knew that when we set the trip up we would be in some isolated places but thought that the internet had reached all corners of the globe. The first few days were great but as we have moved further and further north and out of the metropolitan areas the internet is hard to find. We are in Zimbabwe right now and were lucky enough to find this one but are locked from uploading any images so when we get home we'll upload a bunch at once so everyone can see a little bit of Africa. The trip has been incredible and we are already eager to plan another but alas it is now 1 day from our departure. Honestly we are ready to come home and see some familiar faces and family and look forward to seeing everyone again.

As a quick note, after the last email we drove up to the Mozambique border and stayed in the rain forest on the indian ocean. It was unbelievable! The scuba diving was great! (and we have lots of pictures of that!) Unfortunatley the tanks are a little smaller here we ran out of air before we could see a hammer head shark. Then it was south to where the von Guilleaumes have a summer home in a town called Trafalger. It was beautiful and great to be around some family again. Thats when we both started to get a little homesick. Now we are finishing our trip here in Zimbabwe at Victoria Falls. Yesterday we took a boat cruise in Botswana and saw quite a few hippo and crocs. Today we did a helicopter flight over the falls and now we are headed down to the falls park and the town for some shopping.

See you all soon, and we promise to get a bunch of pics online as soon as we get back.

In case we didnt talk to you we hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Forrest and Kolleen

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