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Have a look on the right hand side of the photo!!

The beach at Torquay

More amazing beaches stretching out towards the Great Ocean road

More classic views from The Great Ocean Road

The kids in Aus are all keen to learn the trade!

The sun shines on a beach on the the way to The...

The lake at Airley's Inlet.

Classic Australian Iconography. We had to get this shot!

One of the beaches on Great Ocean Road

Paragliders above us!

Another stunning beach. That's about the 20th now!

These signs are everywhere! It's not rocket science is it?

The official start to Great Ocean Road!

Soon the beaches give way to rock and cliff.

The further we get, the bigger the views become (and the hotter...

The view from Apollo, on The Great Ocean Road

The road winds along the cliffs, sometimes perilessly close to the sea!

Close-up of one of the headlands on Great Ocean Road.

A river cuts through a valley, making its way to the sea.

The coastline along here is massive. The Great Ocean Road alone is...

Images of The Great Ocean Road... (Can you come up with a...

Helen finds the right track!!


More massive views of the Australian coastline

Great Ocean Road

The vastness of the State of Victoria.

Our first view of the twelve apostles.

The cliff formations near the 12 apostles.

The 12 apostles

Helen at the 12 apostles.

Gareth at the 12 Apostles

The 12 apostles.

Helen, on the way to the 12 apostles vantage point.

Gareth taking in the views at the 12 apostles.

Lookin the other way - just as beautiful!

Gareth checks out the 12 apostles.

Helen loving the atmosphere!

It's huge! 12 Apostles in Victoria, Australia

The huge cliffs next to the 12 Apostles. You can see the...

The other side of the 12 Apostles.

Gareth and Helen taking in the 12 Apostles

Gareth and Helen at The 12 Apostles!

We were lucky to be there as the sun set - isn't...

The erosion has taken away the rock from under the cliff.

This archway has been carved by the sea. It will get bigger...

This feature is called "London Bridge". There used to be two archways,...

We decided to give the steps a miss! It's a bit slippery!!

One of the vast beaches next to The Bay of Islands.

The Bay of Islands

The cove at The Bay of Islands.

Check out the cliff damage from the erosion! Will Aus still be...

Looking back - Do you realise that we are looking out towards...

The sun begins to set.

The sun sets on the southern coast of Australia.

If you've travelled along the Great Ocean Road then you'll be aware of its raw beauty. Lying on the southern coast of Australia, between Melbourne and Adelaide, it is one of the all time classic drives in the world, very much along the lines of Big Sur in California.

As the road leaves Torquay (no, not the one in Devon, UK!!) there are beaches along the coast, but gradually cliffs begin to appear where erosion has taken place. For the next 100 or so km the road winds along breathtaking cliffs, showing off fantastic views to all who drive along the road.

From there the road goes inland for around 80 km, through rainforest and a vast vally, before rejoining the coast.

For the next 80km the cliffs are made of a sandy limestone texture, which means that they have heavily eroded over the years. Because of this there are huge cliffs, jutting craggy sections and stacks, all being battered by the sea. Most of the features along the coast are world famous - when you see the photos you'll realise what I mean. You'll recognise this scenery!

The most famous of all the features is 'The 12 Apostles' - a collection of 12 (ish!) stacks, lined up along the coast. They are striking to say the least and were a pleasure to watch as the sun got lower. It's such a big drive to the 12 apostles that the sun was low in the sky. This has lead to some very dramatic photos, so enjoy!

We also went to many of the other features along the way, such as 'London Bridge' and 'Bay of islands'. All of these show the different ways that erosion can effect the coast. Check the photos! It seems, however, that mankind just can't leave these things alone... many of these features have been blighted by big ugly carparks and visitor centres. Shame!

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