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To those who don't watch Neighbours, this post will not be very interesting, and I apologise, but it is something I've watched for over half my life, so I had to do this tour!

Today I visited Ramsay Street! I got picked up at 1.30pm and then after the other pick ups we headed to the Official Neighbours shop for merchandise. Just after we had finished our buying of Neighbours goodies, Marcella Russo turned up (Liljana Bishop) to have photos taken and sign autographs. She was really friendly, and apparently has never done the Neighbours tour thing. I didn't expect to meet her to be honest, as she isn't in the show anymore, and isn't planning on coming back - in her words 'I don't think anyone would really survive a bomb on a plane'. But still, it was great to meet her.

Once she left we carried on our way to Ramsay Street itself, passing the studios on the way and also stopping at Erinsborough High School (Blackburn English Language School in reality). Which was quite fun, we got to walk around, see the basketball courts and football pitch. Then it was onto Ramsay Street itself, which is so much smaller than you would think from the show. There are only 6 houses in the street and there's a security guard present and at night they block off the street. It was very cool, although it seemed strange as I haven't really watched it for 3 and a half months so I wasn't very up to date with storylines at all, and even though the guide gave us 'spoilers', it probably doesn't matter really for me as I'm not going to get to see it properly for months anyway! But if anyone back home wants to know what happens, message me and I'll let you in on a few things that even people in Oz don't know yet!

On the way to Ramsay street we listened to and watched music videos made by various cast members (Kylie and Jason obviously, but also Paul Robinson!). Then on the journey back we watched some old episodes, including Scott and Charlene's wedding, Beth and Brad's wedding and Jim's death.

Thankfully the weather was a lot better today, so we had sun and it was a lot warmer. Certainly an exciting day. It's a shame that I had to do the tour during Christmas as we didn't get to see filming, maybe I can go again after Tasmania? ;-) Hehe. Apparently sometimes they follow the actors in their cars and eventually they'll get out!!

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